2020 XRP/Ripple Bull Run To The Moon!

“Buy And HODL!”

2020 XRP Ripple Bull Run To The Moon!!!

I have been trading ‘crypto digital currencies’ since late twenty seventeen. Which was near the end of the bull run when XRP (also known as Ripple) ran up from $0.20 cents to well over $3.70 cents in 4 weeks flat!

Yes you read that right! It ran up from twenty cents(started at $0.0020.) Do you have any idea how much percent that ran up? Just think about it? Do the math in your head? 2 tenths of a penny? Means it would would be 500% for every 1 penny it would rise!!!

That is hundreds of thousands of percent gains!!! When was the last time you made 500% for every penny some stock from the stock market rose up in price? None is the answer to that question. Can you now see how profitable “Crypto Currency!” can be?

Buying At The TOP And Selling At The Bottom!

So, you might ask: Did I buy it at the ‘Top!’ Like a lot of people did? No. But I did buy some at a much higher price than what XRP is trading at today. But because I am a true believer in ‘digital currencies’ I bought some when we hit $0.25 cents in 2018.

So as they say I cost averaged out my XRP/Ripple net worth. I been HODL’ing for just over two years now. And just this past month now XRP/Ripple is starting to show some interest as it gets more popular with all the use case that Ripple has.

XRP/Ripple is trading at $0.35 cents right now, and just took out the highs of September 2019 of $0.32 cents. Take a look and this chart of XRP/Ripple and see the awesome bull run we have been having for the past 2 months since we bottomed out at a low of just $0.17 cents.

Now the real question is? Will XRP/Ripple be able to withstand and hold at these higher prices? Will this bull run of 2020 take out the all time highs of December 2017? Nobody knows until she goes…

Jed McCaleb Holds A Huge Amount Of XRP 4.7 Billion To Be Exact!

You see if Jed McCaleb keeps selling off his billions of XRP this one guy could still hold prices of Ripple down at these lower price points. You see Ripple Co-founder Jed McCaleb was known to be holding 4.7 Billion XRP still til this day. Even after he sold over a billion of XRP between 2014 and 2019. Mr. Jed McCaleb is known to be a whale in the digital currency market. Meaning he could sell off millions of XRP  putting a damper on the current XRP/Ripple market cap.

But don’t be scared of this. It means nothing. XRP/Ripple was designed to be able to handle a high price point of $10,000. Yes we are only sitting at $0.35 cents. So we have a far, far way to go yet. I will be HODL’ing for some time yet.

So if you liked what you read here today. And you are a believer in digital currency then maybe you should take the plunge and invest in XRP/Ripple too…

We are only at $0.35 cents. $10,000 is a far way to go yet. Lot’s of room to profit from yet. However, I am not a licensed financial adviser so before you invest in any market you may want to seek financial advice from a licensed financial adviser first.