How To Trade Support & Resistance Professionally…


True Support & Resistance.”

Now we are going to show you some support and resistance examples. So you

are clear on how to enter with major support or resistance near by… to our

entry of our trade setup. Then below that we will show you how to find and

draw “True Support & Resistance Lines.” So keep reading this is critical to your

success trading any trading system…


Below this we show you how to find true Support & Resistance. So when

entering a trade you don’t get into trouble. You see, professional support and

resistance traders:


Buy Off Of Support, & Sell Off Of Resistance.”


Amateur Forex traders do the opposite. And if anybody has ever told you different.

Tell them to go fly a kite! We use support and resistance in a completely

different way. In fact, our way is so much more effective. Because we don’t

risk trying to buy (Guess) or sell off of any major support & resistance levels.

Which can be very risky when support or resistance is violated.


Instead we look to take profits at these major levels like the pros do.

In a sell position we look to close our trade at the nearest major

support level. In a buy position we look to close our trade at the

nearest resistance level. This is the safest way you could ever use

support & resistance in my honest opinion.