Case Study: Forex RoboTron (50 Consecutive Wins)

“Winning Non Stop!”

Case Study: Forex RoboTron (50 Consecutive Wins In A Row)

I first heard about Forex RoboTron back in early 2018. When version 1.5 was out. And it only traded the EUR/USD back then. I tried it for a week or so and if I remember correctly. It made a few winning trades. And a few losing trades.

So. Not thinking much of it. I shut it off and forgot about it. Until I came across the Forex RoboTron site in late September of 2019. This is where I was able to see all the 100% positive reviews. And all the proof of consecutive profits.

At first it was hard to believe so many Forex Traders had so many positive things to say about Forex RoboTron. I said: “Is This To Good To Be True?” After a few days of reading over the website. I started to think well this could be all they say it is. So I watched the myfxbook trade by trade. And sure enough all the trades looked legitimate according to my charts.

Tricked Into Trying Other Robots That Failed!

But even though everything was a “Go Green Light!” for me. I still was skeptical. Why? Because I myself have been tricked into many other Automated Trading Systems in the past. That I was not so easy to be fooled again. So I watched it for 3 and half months to make sure this time this was the “Real McCoy!”

So watching myfxbook very closely. And seeing that Forex RoboTron did NOT use ‘martingale, grids’ and any other nonsense. Back in early December I decided to bit the bullet and give Forex RoboTron a try.

Forex RoboTron Wins (50 Consecutive Trades In A Row!)

Since then I have seen Forex RoboTron win 50 consecutive trades in a row! To watch Forex RoboTron trade right before your eyes is utterly amazing! It just keeps on winning again and again.

Forex RoboTron has been in the works for 10 years now the automated trading author has told me. So you can be assured just how powerful Forex RoboTron is. Just think of it? 10 years now he’s been coding this automated software? The results say it all.

Forex RoboTron trades at 5:00 PM EST for only 1 hour Sunday through Thursday. Forex RoboTron trades on 6 Forex pairs only.


The longest it usually stays in a trade is anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Even though Forex RoboTron trades just after swap rollover when the spreads are huge like 5 to 15 pips. It still manages to win and win again.

If you have tried other automated trading robot software in the past only to be left with losses. I assure you will not be disappointing with Forex RoboTron.

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