What Are Crypto Currencies?

“Buy And HODL!”

What Are Crypto Currencies?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual funds that are encrypted to ensure the confidentiality of transactions through them. They are stored electronically without the need for a central authority. Or a bank to control or track the operations that take place on them. And cryptocurrencies depend on the concept of block – blockchain.

Although this was one of the most important concerns that created this type of currency. The cryptocurrency virtual currencies have been very popular during the past few years. And this type of currency has taken another curve. As traders are racing to buy this type of currency with the goal of trading and speculation. And not only with the aim of dealing with that. But to pay obligations or purchases as well, after many stores began accepting some digital currencies such as Bitcoin and a few other currencies.

Electronic Currency Recommendations!

There are many Bitcoin supporters who believe that the digital currency will be the future money. People who praise it see it as helping to execute global transactions faster and with a fee-free system. Its exchange rate against the dollar attracts investors and traders interested in currency trading and following its recommendations. Indeed, one of the main reasons for the growth of digital currencies like Bitcoin is that they can act as a substitute for national money and traditional goods like gold.

Where And Why Did Bitcoin Originate!

A person who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced the idea of Bitcoin in a research paper in 2008. Describing it as an electronic cash system based in peer-to-peer financial transactions. A technical term meaning direct interaction between One user and another without a broker (CalTorrent.)

Bitcoin administrators say the goal of this currency first floated on the internet in 2009. Was to change the global economy in the same way that the web has changed publishing methods. In 2016, Australian businessman Craig Wright announced that he was Satoshi Nakamoto, providing technical evidence, but the falsity of his evidence was easily revealed.

Block Chain.

To ensure the correctness of the transfers. The Bitcoin system maintains an account record in which all actions performed on the network are called a block chain. All nodes on the bitcoin network share this registry over a system based on the Bitcoin protocol. A block of blocks contains all actions that have been done with Petkin, which enables you to know the balance each address on this network has.

This concept is called the chain description of the interconnection between the blocks, where each block contains the hash of the block that precedes it and it continues until the first block that is called the “genesis block” is reached. Creating a chain in this way makes it difficult to change any block after a specified time has passed to create it. And since changing any block requires changing all the blocks that follow.

Because of the need to recalculate the hash of each block to update the hash value of the previous block in it. This characteristic is what makes the recurring spending problem of the same currencies very difficult to design. And the block chain can be considered the backbone of which a currency cannot stand without.

Daily forecast for Bitcoin/USD (by the end of trading week 6/3/2020.)

I will sit outside of the market at the present time from trading this pair except to do a long deal when a bullish bounce at the level of $8,668. Where the upward movement still has a very slight advantage. This was a great insight as today’s story was to bounce up at this level.The bullish movement still has a slight advantage supported by the new low support at $8,852.

Resistance near $9,000 appears very important now – if the upward move could push the price to persuade a breakout above this level and hold it. The price will likely continue to advance to at least $9,275. Therefore, I would be ready to take a long bias if we get two consecutive closes on the Daily time frame above $9,000 to $9,275 at least but watch out for a bearish failure at $9,000 as an alternative scenario which may start in a downtrend.