Analyze Your Exits When Trading The Forex Market!

“If You Don’t Take It – The Market Will…”

The reason trading with a system is the #1 tip is because most objective

analysis is done before the trade is executed. Once a trader is in a -10 pip -25

pip position he/she tends to analyze the market differently in the “hopes”

that the Forex market will move in a favorable direction rather than objectively

looking at the changing factors that may have turned against their original


Men Hate To Lose Trading Forex!

{Men are the worst when it comes to holding onto a trade gone

BAD! Why? Because men hate to lose!!! Women on the other hand

seem to know how to control their emotions better than a man in

the game of trading even though they are more emotional in nature

then men. I know it sounds weird but it’s 100% True!}


This is especially true of losses. Forex Traders with a losing position tend

to marry their position, which causes them to disregard the fact that all signs

point towards continued losses. In this system, you will be shown exactly

where to place your stops.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Control Your Trading Decisions!

No more allowing your emotions to control your decisions. Once that

decision has been made, STICK WITH IT! If the price action turns around

and goes back to the original direction you can always re enter the trade

when the trading guidelines have been met again.


However, once in a trade we have to try out best to mange it so the

way I like to do it is to do the 50% move stop profit management


Forex Traders Call It A FREE Trade!

Say we have a stop loss of 50 pips and we use a 2 to 1 win loss ratio

just like I explained above so then when we see 50 pips profit which

is 50% we move our stop loss to break even, or even better, we move

our stop loss to + 10 pips so then for sure we are managing our trade

+ once we do that we are in a FREE trade as traders like to call it.


So let’s say after we move our stop loss to either break even or for a

small profit would if we are in a buy trade and price moves up another

15 pips in our favor but now we are at a major resistance level – so what

do we do?

Take Your Profits AT Major Support & Resistance Levels!

We analyze the currency market situation and may consider taking 65 pips or so instead

of risking giving back all those pips we just have accumulated. Remember

now just like I have said in my video tutorial my friends…we look to take

profits at major support and resistance levels, and we will let the High Risk

Forex Traders” (support and resistance traders) trade off of these levels where we

will have taken our profits and be long gone – safely!


Also, you may want to trail your stop loss with either a trailing stop or a good old 3

bars back strategy, however, this may cause you to be stopped out prematurely

resulting in lost profits or even losses. I myself like to use the 50% money

management strategy.